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When I click on a button import file I choose the file, so when I click on start it runs, I hide my worksheet with the code: Application. A userform it shows and I want a progressbar informs the user about the % of work? But this is a much better option as it will speed up the maco execution.

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A more exhaustive study, taking over a decade shows that the annual catches between 19 were much bigger than thought, but that the decline after the peak year of 1996 was much faster than official figures.

The new research estimates the peak catch was 130 million tons, but declined at 1.2 million tons per year afterwards.

Coos river districts also reported that logs were running from the north fork, and it appeared a general cleanup would be made in that section.

Carbon dioxide pollution is also being absorbed by the ocean, causing its chemistry to change and become more acidic.

This spells trouble for marine animals that are now having difficulty building shells, growing and sometimes even surviving in increasingly corrosive waters.

Seafood is the critical source of protein for more than 2.5 billion people, but over-exploitation is cutting the catch by more than 1 million tons a year.

Official catch data from FAO rarely includes small-scale, sport or illegal fishing and does not count fish discarded at sea.