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Thanks to my wonderfully amazing boyfriend, I’ve now got several books on his borrowed Kindle to read (and have spent more time pouring over books at Barnes & Noble, than a kid drooling over candy in a candy store).This week’s book, entitled, “by Lauren Lipton, does what a book should do: spark emotion that wants you to throw it up in the air and yell to the characters, “What is wrong with you people?! ” Plot summary: Peggy (and her best friend Bex) own a small cleaning supply store in New York and has a documentary-producing boyfriend who is afraid to commit.Worth reading once but not likely to be a favorite. I found the plot incredibly predictable and some of the dialogue unoriginal.Girl accidentally marries guy and they make a go of it...marries guy under false pretenses but finds that he's 'the one' and she falls for him anyway and her intentions turn true..predictable and hokey.But check this one out of the library or I'll send you mine.One of my favorite activities in the entire world is reading for pleasure.

Coming up with new ideas can't be easy and I think her writing style is so enjoyable it would still be worth it to check out her third book whenever that comes out."Lipton is a talented writer who has created a genuinely likeable character in Iris. Her characters are believable and, more importantly, they're likable...Striking a balance between silly and serious, this tale of her transition from homesick Californian to real 'New Yorker' will resonate with readers everywhere." "The conventions of romantic comedies have become so hidebound that we now have the term "rom-com," as dismissive as "sit-com." Cute meet, check. Lipton depicts the WASP lifestyle with insightful accuracy, but always in a tone that's both witty and wry.Worth reading once but not likely to be a favorite.It keeps you in suspense of how it’s going to end but that suspense almost takes too long- your ready to skip a couple boring and useless chapters just to get to the good part. In any ase, Lauren Lipton has excellent writing style but her sophomore novel fell flat.About book: Some people pick up books simply because the cover catches their eye. Show me a book with a title asking a ridiculous question or with a play-on-words sort of title, and I'll take it home with me.